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Your registration allows us to keep track of how many people are interested and using SAM. This is a simple, easy and quick step for you, but it means a lot to the SAM project. From user registrations we generate reports that helps to justify the funding for the SAM project. Without the funding, there would not be a free version of SAM available for you, as it pays for the time and expenses of developing and publishing SAM electronically. As you know, funding agencies like to be informed how their money is spent.

We deeply appreciate your help and understanding.

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eg.: What question(s) are you trying to answer? What (group of) organism(s) (if any) and geographical location(s) you study? Which statistical method(s) are you mostly interested in? In average, how many spatial locations (grid cells) your datasets have?
Comments and Suggestions (optional):
Feel free to use this space to provide us some feedback. You may want to write some comments to us (eg. what feature in SAM you like the most), or suggestions (eg. what statistical method would you like to see available in SAM?). Questions will be answered whenever possible.
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